Lipetsk customs transferred to the budget more than 803 million rubles

In January-may 2020 Lipetsk customs office in the Federal budget of the Russian Federation are listed 803 million 750 thousand rubles.

In respect of imported goods of the enumeration amounted to 793 million 180 thousand rubles, exported and other goods – 10 million 570 thousand rubles.

In January-may 2020 custom for all customs procedures, movement of goods was 5 thousand 613 declarations for goods.

Foreign trade turnover of goods decorated in the Lipetsk customs office for 5 months of the current year reached 1 billion 275 million U.S. dollars.

“The structure of foreign trade turnover is dominated by export component to 1 billion 221 million dollars, while imports amounted to $ 54 million, the surplus in the trade turnover of 1 billion 167 million dollars, – said acting first Deputy head of the Lipetsk customs Natalia will appear. Trading links were maintained with 66 countries near and far abroad. Trade with foreign countries provided 98.8% of foreign trade turnover (1 billion 206 million 800 thousand dollars), with CIS – 1,2 % (14 million 200 thousand dollars)”.

In the commodity structure of import Lipetsk region was dominated by the following product groups: technological equipment and spare parts to it (38.7% of total imports), rubber and products made of them (10.2 per cent), aluminium and articles thereof (or 7.6 %), chemical products (6%), copper and articles thereof (5,7 %), articles from ferrous metals (by 4.9 %) and others.

The main exports (99,1 %) were exports of ferrous metals JSC “Novolipetsk metallurgical plant”.

The law enforcement unit of customs in January-may of 2020 opened a total of 122 cases of administrative offences (violation of currency legislation of the Russian Federation; failure to submit or untimely submission to customs authorities of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods, failure to follow the procedure of customs transit, etc.).

Imposed on violators penalties of $ 2 million 680 thousand 400 rubles.

Dmitry Spasskiy

assistant to the head of the Lipetsk customs