In the Samara customs office has summed up the results for 2019

In the Samara customs office held a meeting on summarizing the work for 2019. The event was attended by chief of the Volga customs management Aasim Askarov, head of the Department of public safety of the Samara region Yury Ivanov, head of the Samara customs Vladimir Danchenkov, head of group of Boundary control “the Volga region” the Border Department of the FSB of Russia in the Saratov and Samara regions, Sergei Lipatov, the head of the Federal bailiff service of the Samara region – chief bailiff of the Samara region, Zakir Muratov.

For 2019 Samara custom plan transfers to the Federal budget is made up 109,52%, which is 1395,04 million.

Over the past 2019 Samara customs office opened 2242 cases on administrative offenses (AP), the sentence in the amount of 4358825,5 thousand RUB

Initiated 27 criminal cases under article 193.1; article 194, article 226.1; article 229.1; article 173.1. According to the materials of the law enforcement unit in 2019 assessed 68 million 831 thousand rubles., collected 62 million 783 thousand.

In exercising control over the import of goods in the framework of implementation of specific economic measures mobile teams identified and destroyed together with the staff of the Rosselkhoznadzor 41,799 tons of “sanctions” products.


The structure of the Samara customs consists of 16 customs posts: Samara Airport customs post, customs post of Otradnoye, the Samara customs office, customs post AVTOVAZ, Togliatti customs post, Sol-Iletsk customs post, the Orsk customs post, customs post Airport Orenburg, Orenburg postal customs post, the customs post of buzulukskiy, Orenburg customs, southern customs post Dimitrovgrad customs office, customs office, Ulyanovsk, Simbirsk customs post and a customs post for the UAZ.

Alexander Patrikeev

acting press Secretary of the Samara customs