Smolensk customs: the results of law enforcement activities for 2019

For the 12 months 2019 Smolensk customs was initiated 22 criminal cases (in 2018 – 9 criminal cases). Including four criminal cases brought for evasion from payment of customs duties levied on organizations committed on a large and especially large size, four – for evasion from execution of duties for the repatriation of funds committed in large and especially large size, eight for the smuggling of drugs, two for smuggling psychotropic substances.

The amount of evasion from payment of customs duties in criminal cases amounted to about 79.1 million RUB, the amount of the unreturned funds related to the facts of evasion by representatives of organizations from the duties of the repatriation of funds in large and especially large sizes, made 525,5 million rubles were withdrawn From illegal circulation 538,28 grams of hard substances and 21.2 grams of psychotropic drugs.

In two criminal cases subject to the crime were the products of double and military purpose. They belong to the category of serious types of smuggling and are a precedent for the region of Smolensk customs. As a result of work of operational divisions of customs, the specific perpetrators of these crimes. After the production of urgent investigative actions criminal case to law enforcement authorities for preliminary investigation.

In the course of administrative proceedings for 2019 2946 filed cases on administrative offenses (AP), which is 14 % less than in the same period of the past. This is due to a decline of 36% in the number of cases brought under article 19.7.13 administrative code (offences related to the violation of the procedure for the submission to customs authorities of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods in mutual trade between the EEU countries), which was the result of extensive outreach conducted by the customs jointly with the tax authorities, including with the involvement of the media in the region.

The number of cases of AP initiated in connection with the violation of customs regulations (Chapter 16 of the administrative code, the administrative offences in the field of customs), is positive and amounts to 1168 Affairs, which is 13.5% more than in the same period last year.

For 2019 custom made 2703 resolution on the appointment of the penalties collected 45.7 million RUB of fines, seized goods and vehicles amounting to more than 4 million rubles., lousisana customs payments for the sum more than 18 million rubles.

chief state customs inspector
public relations of the Smolensk customs
Vladimir Safonov