In the Kemerovo region have seized a batch of counterfeit cigarettes

In the Kemerovo region have seized a batch of counterfeit cigarettes

In the course of joint activities of the Kemerovo customs and the Moi of Russia for the city of Novokuznetsk in one of the outlets of Novokuznetsk seized 161 counterfeit a pack of cigarettes. The amount of damage caused to the intellectual property owner, was 24 of 150 rubles.

So, in the Kemerovo customs asked the representative of the owner of the trademark “Marlboro”. According to him the tobacco products sold one of the owners of Novokuznetsk, has signs of illegal use of a popular brand of cigarettes. A detailed examination of the packages, you notice that this product and its components differ from the approved layouts, shape, combination of colors, decorative finishes and location trademarks. In the course of an administrative investigation also found out that cigarettes are made from raw materials of low quality.

In respect of the individual entrepreneur criminal case concerning an administrative offense under part 2 of article 14.10 of the Russian code of administrative offences (implementation of the goods containing illegal reproduction of someone else’s trademark). He faces a fine of three times the amount of the value of the goods which are the subject of an administrative offense, but not less than 50 thousand rubles with confiscation of items containing illegal reproduction of a trade mark.

At the end of last year in the domestic consumer market of the Kemerovo customs found more than 7,000 units of counterfeit products. In addition to cigarettes in this list of clothes, shoes, toys, motor oil, instant coffee in packets, alcoholic beverages, software. The amount of damage caused to the right holders of intellectual property, the results of last year has made about 80 million roubles.

Lyudmila Shilova,

press Secretary of the Kemerovo customs