More than 1000 cubic meters of timber inspected Buryat customs officers in the Northern districts of Buryatia in 2019


1100 cubic meters of timber inspected in 2019, the employees of Ulan-Ude customs post of the Buryat customs. 70 forms of the actual control carried out in the Severobaikalsk and Muya areas of Buryatia. The result revealed facts of false Declaration (excess of the actual volume of timber on declared) filed 9 cases of administrative offenses, the results of which the court has appointed 80 thousand rubles of fines.

In 2019 in the region of Severobaikalsk branch of Ulan-Ude customs office carried out export-import operations 8 participants of foreign economic activities with the location in the New Wayne and Taksimo, of which 5 members are engaged in the export of timber and lumber.

Department of customs inspection of Ulan-Ude customs post is located in the town of Severobaikalsk is the most Northern point of the Buryat customs. According to the chief of Ulan-Ude customs office Alexey Molchanov, the functioning of the office in the North of Buryatia due, on the one hand, the remoteness of the place of shipment of the forest from the town of houdan-Ude, on the other hand, the need for cooperation between the customs authority with the business, leading foreign trade activities in the Northern regions of Buryatia, when carrying out customs procedures for exported timber. In addition, the competence of the Severobaikalsk branch of Ulan-Ude customs post includes registration of international mail, customs declarations in separately following Luggage, extension of the term of temporary import of vehicles imported from abroad for personal use, registration of passports of vehicles, customs transit, etc.


Department of customs inspection of Ulan-Ude customs post was created on 5 September 2018 on the basis of the liquidated studying the customs office.

The office serves the 2 Northern region, a length of rail up to 470 km. the area of responsibility of the Department includes the city Severobaikalsk Severobaikalsk towns of the district (Nizhneangarsk, Kichera, New Uoyan, Chelekensky), train station Muya district (Okusikan, Severomuisk, Taksimo).

Evgeny Kurbatov

press Secretary of the Buryat customs, tel. (3012) 289 078