In the 1st quarter of 2020 Irkutsk customs office revealed more than 19 thousand units of counterfeit products

Irkutsk customs continued to carry out targeted work to protect the rights of intellectual ownership and prevention of import on Russian market of counterfeit products.

Just in the 1st quarter of 2020, it was revealed that 19 318 units thousand units of counterfeit goods containing objects of intellectual property.

Of them, the results of customs control when declaring various consignments, Irkutsk customs officers had identified 10 772 counterfeit goods, 8 546 units of counterfeit goods were seized within the framework of cooperation of the Irkutsk customs, the territorial bodies of the Ministry of interior.

The amount of avoided economic damage amounted to about 12.9 billion rubles.

At implementation of customs control were detected counterfeit charms, stoppers for safety belts, marked by the popular car brands are TOYOTA, NISSAN, RENAULT, SKODA, LADA; fake watches labeled “CASIO”, “HUBLOT”, “DIESEL”, “DIOR”,, CHOPARD, PATEK PHILIPPE; counterfeit toys that have similarities with the fine volume the trademark “Kalashnikov AK 47”; mobile phone cases with printed trademark “IPHONE”, the bearings are marked “SKF” and other products.

It should also be noted that the Irkutsk customs through a customs in respect of goods transported by international mail (IGOS) to address individuals (for personal purposes), marked trademarks included in the Customs register of intellectual property objects (TROIS).

During the reporting period there were 35 of MPO-containing consumer goods with signs of counterfeit (marked 47 different trademarks) received by the residents of the Irkutsk region. In particular, the rights holders confirmed the counterfeit 12 units of spare parts for cars trademark “KIA”, “HYUNDAI”, “MOBIS” received the parcel from Korea. The release of this postage Irkutsk customs refused entry. “Mail of Russia” informed about the necessity of the return of MPO to the country of origin of goods.

In January-March 2020 for illegal use of objects of intellectual property of the Irkutsk customs office opened 7 cases of administrative offenses (AP) under part 1 of article 14.10 KoAP of the Russian Federation. 21 the case of AP initiated on the facts of detection of counterfeit products by local police authorities in the framework of cooperation with the Irkutsk customs.

Tatyana Krasavina,

a press-the Secretary of Irkutsk customs