In Moscow customs summed up 2019: the budget listed 55 995 million RUB

In Moscow customs held a meeting at which summed up the past year and their goals for 2020. The meeting was attended by the Central customs administration head, Sergey Rybkin, the Prosecutor of the Moscow-Kursk transport Prosecutor’s office Shamil Shakirov, representatives of the Department of regional security and combating corruption of the city of Moscow and the leadership of customs.

For 2019, the Moscow customs office listed in the Federal budget 55 995 million.

Foreign trade turnover in 2019 increased by 5.6 %. Foreign trade relations were carried out 6 407 traders. The largest trading partner for imports subject to value China (45,2%). Released products at 73484 DT (in 2018 60501 DT), the export – 16360 DT, import – 57124 DT.

Each year a growing number of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods submitted by the parties in mutual trade in the region of Moscow customs. The total number of statistical forms submitted for 2019, is 357,5 thousand, of which with the use of electronic signatures – 296,67 thousand and thousand 60,83 on paper.

Work in the direction of the customs control after release of goods, is one of the components of replenishment. The result of the audits was the amount of additional tax assessments 102160,09 thousand RUB Over the past year, the service discovered and seized 7313,46 kg of sanctions products prohibited for import to the territory of the Russian Federation.

Over the past year operational materials filed 29 criminal cases (in 2018 – 16). Brought 5 542 cases of AP. All withdrawn from circulation 11 kg 957 gr. narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (article 229.1), and 17 kg 183 gr. potent substances.

In favor of the Moscow customs considered 204 court cases (which is more than 81% of the cases), not in favor of 50 cases. Upon review of the data of court cases in the budget of the Russian Federation saved more than 97 million rubles.

In 2019, the Moscow customs office considered 985 of citizens, of which 607 for the issue of international mail(MPO): the MPO wanted, damage/theft of goods, the reasons for charging fees.

The number of imported (import) and presented to the IGO for 2019 is 86,586 million.

“Summing up the results of today’s meetings, I note that in 2020 it is necessary to ensure that all assigned to the Moscow customs office, tasks in full” – summed up the head of customs Alexey Nakroshaev.

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