In Kursk customs summed up the work for 2019

In Kursk customs held a meeting on which were summed up the results for 2019. The meeting was attended by the leadership of the CTU and customs, customs officials, heads of Federal and regional authorities of the Kursk and Orel regions.

The meeting was opened by the chief of Kursk customs Igor Aleynikov. He reported on the results of work of customs in 2019 and outlined the tasks facing the team this year.

For 2019, the customs transferred to the Federal budget of 11 billion 718 million rubles, more than 35 thousand goods declarations.

To the customs for customs Declaration of goods turned 616 FEA.

Committed customs operations in respect of 5 million 585 thousand tons of cargo. Compared with 2018 the cargo turnover increased by 30%.

Foreign trade turnover in the region of Kursk customs in 2019 amounted to 1 641 million US dollars, which is 6.2% more than in 2018. Exports amounted to 838,3 million dollars. U.S. imports 802,7 million dollars. USA. Compared to last year export volume increased by 15.6%, and imports fell 2.2%.

In the commodity structure of exports is dominated by mineral products (49%), food products and raw materials (22,9%), engineering products (11%), chemical products (8.8 per cent). In the nomenclature of imported goods leading engineering products (36.9 per cent), followed by chemical products (29.3 per cent), food products (12%), metals and their products (8.4 per cent).

The geography of foreign economic activities is quite extensive – from 99 countries. The leading major trading partners (in terms of volume of goods transported) are: Ukraine (16.2% of total trade turnover), Germany (15,3%), China (12.4 per cent), Italy (5,7%), Latvia (5,1%), Turkey (4,8%), Vietnam (4%), Slovakia (3.9 percent).

In the region of customs actively conducted mutual trade with the Eurasian economic Union (Belarus, Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Armenia and the Kyrgyz Republic). The number of participants in mutual trade with partners from the EEU was 594, which is 5.3% more than in 2018 (564).

Foreign trade turnover with member States of the EAEU was 268,8 million US dollars (export – 170,2 million U.S. dollars, imports $ 98.7 million U.S. dollars). In terms of volume of goods transported, first place went to Belarus – 59.5% of total turnover, in the second place, Kazakhstan is 35.1%, followed by Armenia – 2,9% and Kyrgyzstan – 2,5%.

In the commodity structure of exports dominated by food and raw materials (30,9%), engineering products (26.9 percent), chemical products (14.3 per cent), metals and products made of them (11,6%). In the nomenclature of imported goods leading food and raw materials (34.5 percent), engineering products (17%), chemical products (15.2 per cent), metals and products made of them (12,7%).

In 2019 the Kursk and Orlov parties mutual trade in the customs was represented by 14 628 thousand of the statistical forms of the account of movement of goods, of which 67,4% filed in electronic form with the use of a reinforced qualified electronic signature (EP). For violation of the procedure of submission of statistical forms custom 596 of the compiled protocols on administrative offenses under article 19.7.13 administrative code, during the consideration of which issued decisions on administrative punishment in the form of a warning – 517, in the form of administrative fines – 77, totaling 1,675 million.

Through the checkpoints located in the region of customs activities, in 2019 proceeded (entry, exit) – 565384 individuals and 137166 of motor vehicles, including cargo 32283, 100388 passenger vehicles and passenger buses 4495.

In 2019, compared with 2018 a decrease in the number of individuals crossing the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union in the area of the Kursk customs by 13.4 %. The number of exiting from the Russian Federation has decreased on 11,6 %, for their final destination in Russia – 15.2 %.

In the region of customs activities successfully implemented modern information technologies. So, for 2019 automatic registration 24266 declarations for goods (69% of the total amount of goods declarations). Share automatically registered electronic export declarations amounted to 91 %, the share automatically registered import declarations amounted to 63%. Registration time fell from 1 hour, under current legislation, up to 6 minutes.

Also, in the region of activity of customs actively applies the technology of automatic release of goods declarations. For 2019 in automatic mode released 7276 of the Declaration of goods, accounting for 21% of the total amount of goods declarations.

In the customs of widely used modern technical means. Operating in the automobile checkpoints Krupets and Sudzha mobile inspection systems (MIS) and systems for automatically determining the weight and dimensional characteristics of the cargo vehicles VGKA “Frontier–M” showed high efficacy and substantially accelerated the process of checking vehicles and bulky cargo. With the beginning of the year examined the use of vehicle inspection stations 31492 objects, according to the results of the conducted 931 customs inspections. On the revealed violations brought 357 cases of administrative offences 1 criminal case and made 878 decisions to ban the importation/exportation of goods.

The offensive was carried out against crimes and offenses in the sphere of customs business. For 2019 to the Department of inquiries received 107 reports of crimes. 13 criminal cases (2018 – 16 criminal cases). 90 materials sent for investigation to other law enforcement agencies.

Criminal cases filed: 1 – the smuggling of narcotic drugs; 4 – on the fact of evasion from payment of customs payments; 3 – the evasion of the duties on repatriation of funds in foreign currency; 3 – smuggling of ammunition, strategic goods and military products; 1 – the smuggling of cash; 1 – submission of information by unidentified group of persons on data, which entailed entering information on a fake face.

Customs opened 2707 Affairs about administrative offences (82% more than in 2018).

The most interesting of detention in the region of Kursk customs in 2019.

In automobile checkpoint Tekino detained a citizen of Ukraine tried to import into Russia with concealment from customs control of drugs – marijuana total weight of 7.72 grams of a synthetic drug weighing 0.15 gram. Criminal case is brought.

In automobile checkpoint suja was detained 32-the summer citizen of Russia who tried to smuggle to Ukraine two old icons belonging to the category of cultural values. Export them from the territory of Russia was only possible with the permission of the Ministry of culture of Russia.

Foiled attempt to export abroad the party of charge of ingots of ferrous metals weighing more than 20 tons. A strategically important product of the Russian firm intended to export from eagle in Poland under the guise of Ferroalloy products, non-taxable export customs duty. Upon contraband criminal case is brought.

3 criminal cases were initiated upon return to the Russian Federation the money paid for not imported on the territory of the Russian goods in the amount of nearly 248 million rubles.

In automobile checkpoint suja was detained 50-the summer citizen of Russia trying to take Ukraine the cash EURO and Russian rubles equivalent to the amount of 77.5 thousand dollars. On the smuggling of cash, committed in especially large size criminal case is brought.

In automobile checkpoint Krupets detained the citizen of Moldova. He tried to take from Russia in packing washing powder 95 hunting ammunition. Criminal case is brought.

At the checkpoint of Sudzha in the cache, equipped in the van, it was discovered 58 bottles of Italian wine for a total volume of about 46 liters. Criminal case concerning an administrative offense.

In automobile checkpoint Tekino of the caches, equipped in the Ukrainian minibus seized 178 pounds of tractor parts.

At the checkpoint Krupets 66-year-old Austrian citizen, was seized the order of the red Star, which he illegally tried to export from Russia

In automobile checkpoint Tekino have traveled to Ukraine 26-year-old citizen of Russia was confiscated flare gun.

Summing up the meeting, Deputy head of TSTU – the chief of service of Federal customs revenues Alexander Beglov thanked the staff for the work done.

– All tasks assigned to the staff of the customs in 2019 is definitely done – he noted.

In Moscow will create a Central electronic customs, which will be transferred to the main volume Declaration. Change the function of the Kursk customs, it will become the custom of actual control.

The event ended with the awarding officials of customs departmental awards and commendations for his significant contribution to performance.

Sergey Bryantsev,
press Secretary of the Kursk customs