From 1 July to Kemerovo customs joined Tomsk customs

From 1 July to Kemerovo customs joined Tomsk customs

In the framework of the reform of the system of customs authorities, under the Comprehensive development programme of the FCS of Russia for the period until 2020, aimed at optimization of customs administration, July 1, 2020, there was a reorganization of the Tomsk customs by its accession to the Kemerovo customs (order of the FCS of Russia from 26.12.2019 No. 1970 “reorganization of the Tomsk and Kemerovo customs”).

Custom post asinovskiy, Tomsk and Tomsk customs post customs post (the electronic Declaration Center) reassigned to the Kemerovo customs, they are assigned new codes. Structural subdivisions of the joint. Region of activity United the customs authority has increased, now it is Kemerovo and Tomsk oblast.

Of the total staff number of the Tomsk customs 64,16% of officers redeployed to the state of the Kemerovo customs, 35,84% – in other customs bodies of the Siberian customs Department.

One of the priorities of the customs service in the reorganization and improvement of structure of customs authorities is to preserve qualified personnel. In this regard, officials of the Tomsk customs, fall under the reduction, it was proposed to consider options for further service in the customs authorities of other regions, – commented the head of the Kemerovo customs, Andrey Poletayev.

Lyudmila Shilova,

press Secretary of the Kemerovo customs