FCS is ready for the transit of embargoed goods through the territory of Russia

FCS is ready for the transit of embargoed goods through the territory of Russia

Full-scale application of the system of tracking of freight with the use of navigation seals on the basis of GLONASS in Russia starts from July 15, 2020. This technology will allow customs authorities to provide control of the transit of sanctioned goods, which are transported through the country by road and rail.

To move the sanctions, the Russian Government has identified 20 car rail 10 and checkpoints are located in places of crossing the state border, which will be imposed and removed navigation seal. 18 these paragraphs, the navigation application of seals will be monitored by customs authorities.

Information on the status of transportation banned products coming from navigation seal tracking system will be made available to officials of the FCS of Russia and Federal Agency for transport supervision in near real time.

First Deputy head of the FCS of Russia Ruslan Davydov: “To the FCS tracking technology guarantees the transparency of the carriage because we can see all the information about the movement and the safety of the goods. Together with the Ministry of transport, the operator and the carriers, we conducted a large-scale pilot projects and are now fully prepared to control the transit of sanctioned goods”.


At the end of March 2020, the customs authorities, in cooperation with the company “Center of development of digital platforms” (CRCP), authorized by the Ministry of transport to carry out activities on the use of the navigation of the seals, began to test mode use the tracking system.

At the beginning of July 2020 as part of the test took place about 1670 transport with application to navigation of seals, of which about 1570 are committed with the use of automobile transport and more than 100 rail.

In may 2020, the FCS of Russia and the Ministry of transport of Russia jointly with Russian Railways and Maersk have implemented transit multimodal carriage of goods that moved between the two Russian seaports with the use of electronic navigational fillings.