Bashkortostan customs: changed the order of presentation of the statistical forms

Bashkortostan customs drew the attention of participants of foreign economic activity on changes to the rules of statistics of mutual trade of the Russian Federation with member States of the Eurasian economic Union, which, according to the decree of the RF Government dated 19.06.2020, No. 891, with effect from 24 July 2020.

The decree introduces significant changes compared to the current procedures. The most important is exclusion from practice paper. Submission of statistical forms will be made only on the official website of the Federal customs service in the Personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities in the form of electronic document signed by reinforced qualified signature, − the chief of Department of customs statistics of the Bashkortostan customs Tatiana Steblina.

You must also pay attention to the change of the deadline for filing statistical forms − he increases up to 10 working days of the month following the reporting month (have been for eight working days).

Recall that if the statistical form of the account of movement of goods is not submitted on time, contain inaccurate information or are not submitted at all, the article 19.7.13 administrative code provides for administrative liability. For officials – a fine of 10-15 thousand rubles, for legal entities of 20-50 thousand rubles.

Additional information is available on the website of the FCS of Russia, by phone Bashkortostan customs 279-67-40, 229-72-08; 279-67-47; 279-67-53, by writing to the email address

Synopsis: in the first half of 2020, the number of participants in mutual trade in the region of Bashkortostan customs activities amounted to 743 organizations and individual entrepreneurs (in the same period last year, 699). They represented 7.9 thousand statistical forms, which is 5.3% more than in the same period of 2019 (7.5 thousand statistical forms). For the six months 2020 Bashkortostan customs amounted to 342 of the Protocol on administrative responsibility under article 19.7.13 KoAP of the Russian Federation (in the same period of 2019 – 335), the amount of the fines has reached 2.5 million rubles (in 2019 – 2,2 million rubles).

Julia Bolgarov,
the press-Secretary of Bashkortostan customs