Do not carry out international transportation – does not mean that exempt from customs control

Samara customs reminds: stop and check trucks is carried out in all regions of Russia, bordering with Kazakhstan

 From December 2018, the customs authorities empowered to self stop heavy vehicles on the territory of the Russian Federation, even if they do not carry out international transportation of goods (domestic transport).

The right of stoppage goods vehicle curb weight of more than 3.5 tonnes, officials of the customs authorities laid down in clause 2.4 of the Rules of the road.

“The customs authorities may stop a motor vehicle, including those not engaged in international transport of goods, in order to verify compliance with international treaties and acts in the sphere of customs regulation and the legislation of the Russian Federation by checking of goods and documents on them under clause 1 of article 261 of the Federal law of 03 August 2018. No. 289,” – said the Deputy head of the Samara customs the Colonel of customs service Rustam Tutaev.

List self-stop vehicles on all the regions of Russia bordering Kazakhstan and Belarus. Designated stops are marked with road signs 7.14.1 “Customs control”.

On the rest territory of Russia customs control may also be undertaken, with the involvement of the traffic police squad or transport supervision.

Additionally, we inform that execution is not a requirement for stop of the vehicle entails bringing the perpetrators to administrative responsibility under article 12.25 of the administrative code of Russia.

Alexander Patrikeev

acting press Secretary of the Samara customs