Departments of customs control after release of goods FCS of Russia in 2019 revealed damage for the sum more than 26 billion rubles

In 2019, departments of customs control after release of goods (including together with other state bodies) revealed the economic damage caused by the traders and distributors of goods in the domestic market (as a result of violations by persons compulsory requirements and norms of the legislation) in the amount of RUB 26.2 billion (in 2018 to 17.3 billion rubles). Withdrawn from illegal circulation of 622 tons of goods, destroyed 529 tons of goods.

Violations identified in the activities of 1652 persons. According to the results of control instituted 6975 cases of AP and 383 criminal cases (in 2018 5737 cases of AP and 287 criminal cases).

The work on reducing administrative burden on business: the number of customs inspections was reduced by 17% (from 2717 in 2018 to 2248 in 2019). The average economic efficiency of one customs inspection is almost 2 times higher than the value of the previous year and amounted to 7.7 million rubles.

Mobile teams of the FCS of Russia in 2019 checked more than 80 thousand vehicles, of which 7 thousand violations are found. The result prevented the smuggling of 106 thousand tons of prohibited goods (which is 1.5 times higher than that in 2018), including almost 4 thousand tonnes of production of sanctions.

On the territory of neighboring States returned more than 93 thousand tons of goods destroyed more than 6.5 thousand tons, detained and seized more than 5.2 thousand tons. Concerning carriers 1334 filed case on AP and 72 criminal cases.

In 2019 in the direction of the control over observance of requirements of the legislation on mandatory labeling of goods with control (identification) signs 351 held the test event. Withdrawn from illegal circulation of more than 930 kg of goods, seized goods worth more than RUB 1 billion, initiated 74 cases of AP and 10 criminal cases.


Identified in 2019, the damage caused by violation of persons of compulsory requirements and norms of legislation (26.2 billion RUB) includes:

– the amount of additionally charged amounts of customs payments, recycling fees, fines, imposed fines in the amount of 17.2 billion rubles (11.9 billion rubles in 2018);

– the value of the confiscated goods at $ 1.1 billion (in 2018 0.1 billion rubles);

– other state authorities based on the materials customs inspections assessed fees, fines 7.9 billion rubles (2018 5.2 billion rubles).


Departments of customs control after release of goods (DPWT) exercise control in the following areas:

1) control in relation to persons carrying out foreign economic activity;

2) illicit trafficking of goods;

3) prevention of smuggling of goods (mobile group).

In 2019, the structure TKWT was transformed according to directions.

In the composition of the FCS of Russia has 35 mobile teams operating near the Russian-Belarusian, Russian-Kazakh, Russian-Georgian and Russian-Azerbaijani section of the state border of the Russian Federation.

In 2019, the mobile groups along with unmanned aircraft Regardie was used rotorcraft FCS of Russia.

The President of the Russian Federation supported the proposals on expansion of powers of customs authorities in the self-stop vehicles with 25 entities on the entire territory of the Russian Federation, as well as for applying on cars mobile groups of special color schemes, use of light and sound signals.