Counterfeit Tommy Hilfiger 28 million

Counterfeit Tommy Hilfiger 28 million

Samara customs stopped the import into Russia of counterfeit goods under the label TOMMY HILFIGER in the amount of 28 million rubles.

Officers of the mobile teams of the Samara customs from the beginning of 2020 in an area of Great Chernigovka (Samara oblast) identified three heavy trucks EN route from Kazakhstan to Russia, carrying a large consignment of consumer goods marked, among others, the trademark TOMMY HILFIGER.

In the course of customs inspections in the cargo compartments of vehicles was discovered polos in quantity 297 PCs bags in the amount of 196 units, men’s underwear in the amount of 12 000 units.

According to a comparative copyright analysis of seized during customs inspection of goods, marked with trademarks, and samples of the legal production company “Tommy Hilfiger Licensing B. V.” detained product is infringing on several grounds. This product is not included in the design line of the brand caused trademarks low quality and no proper packaging and labels. The copyright holder has not signed a contract for the use of the trademark with the companies of the sender and recipient.

The total damage of the company “Tommy Hilfiger Licensing B. V.” exceed 28 million rubles.

Materials for each fact of illegal use of a trademark protected on the territory of the Russian Federation, submitted to the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia for decision-making on excitation of criminal cases under part 1 of article 180 of the criminal code.

Daria Metelkina,
the press-Secretary of the Samara customs