Cheating on 240 million roubles

Law enforcement units in the Samara customs located in the city of Ulyanovsk in cooperation with employees UFSB of Russia across the Ulyanovsk region revealed the scheme of evasion from payment of customs payments in the amount of 240 011 680,15 rubles.

History lasted from December 2015. The Russian company signed a foreign trade contract with a German company to design, manufacture, sale and shipment of equipment for the production of kvass with an annual capacity of 3.5 million hectoliters a commercial product. The contract price was 25 840 000 Euro.

To the Federal customs service documents have been provided on the basis of which the company had the right to import equipment to Russia and parts with a significant advantage: imported goods not subject to customs duty and VAT since the firm data, these products comply with “the List of technological equipment, analogues of which are not produced in Russia, whose import into the territory of the Russian Federation not subject to VAT”, approved by Decree of the RF Government dated 30.04.2009 No. 372.

Equipment imported parts in Ulyanovsk until 2017 and installed at the plant in Ulyanovsk.

However, in the course of the audit, customs violations were detected, and the information provided to the customs authorities, was false.

“In the equipment for manufacture of drinks were mounted part, purchased on the territory of the Russian Federation. This means that imported from Germany, the hardware is only part of the kit for the production of the final product. But, according to the Russian firm documents, the classification decision of the FCS of Russia was issued on the equipment complete and in that version firm was entitled to exemptions for the import”, – says head of operational search Department № 3 (Moscow) Samara customs Maksim Shubin.

To obtain the right to import equipment without customs duties and VAT, employees of the Russian company submitted to the customs authorities a modified version of a foreign trade contract and its annexes. Was changed statements that are significant for the purposes of determining the composition and functions of the equipment. The signature was inserted, the cryptographic method.

As a result of establishing these facts the classification decision issued by the Federal customs service of Russia canceled.

The total amount of unpaid customs duties amounted to 240 011 680,15 rubles, against intruders 26 Jan 2020 initiated a criminal case under paragraph “g” of part 2 of article 194 of the criminal code. At present investigative actions are carried out.

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