Central Customs Administration

A shipment of radioactive isotopes for medicine has been cleared by customs officials

Published: March 11, 2024 10:00 AM

Kaluga customs officers have cleared 73 gamma radiation sources for medical purposes. The isotope products were exported to China by motor transport. For safe transportation the goods are in special packing sets, which are equipped with radiation protection made of lead

Radioactive materials are widely used in medicine to diagnose and treat diseases. “Thanks to prompt and uninterrupted customs operations with isotopes, we contribute to a significant improvement in the availability of specialized medical care and, ultimately, to saving human lives,” said Dmitry Krivko, head of Kaluga customs.

Obninsky customs office in Obninsk, Russia, said

The Obninsk customs post of Kaluga customs is the only customs authority in the region of activity of the Central Customs Administration, which is competent for customs operations with fissile and radioactive materials. These goods belong to the high-risk category, which requires special control and strict compliance with the conditions of their clearance and transportation

Ekaterina Zhdanova,

Secretary of Kaluga Customs



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