Belgorod customs informs: from 1 February, changes the form of the passenger customs Declaration

Belgorod customs informs that since February 1 2020 will apply to the new form of the passenger customs Declaration.

From 1 February 2020 passenger customs Declaration, executed on a previously existing form, be registered by the customs authority will not, – said the first Deputy chief of customs Oleg Golovchenko. Oleg Vladimirovich outlined the main points that you need to pay attention when filling new passenger Declaration.

In the new form there is no division into primary and secondary forms. Now the passenger customs Declaration is a single document, and details of cash transported more than 10 000 US dollars, described in the Annex. The application is not filled in the absence of the passenger in cash.

Paragraph 3 of the new form of the expanded list of information about products. Citizens crossing the border at checkpoints, it is proposed to note the specific names of the transported goods, it is cash and travellers cheques in excess of 10 000 US dollars, cheques (Bank cheques), securities; goods imported with exemption from customs duties, taxes, goods, value, weight and (or) quantity exceeds the rates of import without payment of customs duties and taxes; cultural values; civil and service weapons, their parts and ammunition; narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors in the form of medicines; animals, plants; collection materials on Mineralogy, paleontology, fossil bones of animals; samples of biological materials of the person; other goods in respect of which complied with prohibitions and restrictions and require submission of supporting documents and information.

To see the new form of the passenger customs Declaration and order of its filling on the official websites of the Federal customs service of Russia and the Eurasian economic Union

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