Urals Customs Administration

Urals customs officers added 262 million rubles to the country’s budget thanks to automated control systems

Published: March 5, 2024 09:13

An organization from Yekaterinburg exported metal to Southeast Asian countries. The declaration in which it indicated that it exported ferrous metal scrap from the country was submitted to the Ural Electronic Customs Office. However, the risk management system – the automated program system of the customs office – when checking the documents reported that the declaration and the goods required additional control. Therefore, the metal sample was sent for examination, which established that it was not ferrous metal scrap from non-alloy steel that was being exported, but ferrous metal scrap from alloy steel. This means that the export of such goods is subject to a higher export customs duty rate

So the organization had to pay more than 262 million rubles. After the payments were transferred, the alloy steel scrap was shipped to its destination.

That’s why the organization had to pay more than 262 million rubles

Customs authorities were among the first government agencies in the country to use a risk management system in their work. This is an automated software tool that evaluates the goods declaration, its accompanying documents, and the activities of a participant in foreign economic activity. Thus, customs control becomes objective, impartial and excludes the human factor or any bias. And it is difficult to cheat the machine. Today, one-third of the declarations received by the Ural Electronic Customs Office are released automatically, i.e. without the involvement of an inspector,” emphasized Sergey Epifanov, head of the Ural Electronic Customs Office

Public Relations Department of the UTU