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Corellas, rosellas and pyrrhura: 332 parrots from Kyrgyzstan have been brought to Ekaterinburg

Published: March 1, 2024 10:10

A live cargo arrived at Koltsovo airport: 250 wavy parrots, 70 Corella, 2 Pyrrhura and 10 Rosella. The total weight of the birds was 30 kilograms. The birds were delivered by airplane from Kyrgyzstan. The temperature in the luggage compartment of the aircraft is kept at about 23 degrees, so the parrots had a comfortable 3-hour flight

Because the “feathered cargo” came from a country of the Customs Union, there was no customs control of such live cargo. Therefore, the birds went to the final destination – a pet store in Yekaterinburg. According to the documents, the parrots have passed veterinary inspection and are absolutely healthy,” said Mikhail Sorokin, First Deputy Head of Koltsovsky Customs. Mikhail Sentyakov, first deputy head of the Koltsovsky customs office named after V.A. Sorokin

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