The Pulkovo customs prevented smuggling of weapons in the mail

The Pulkovo customs prevented smuggling of weapons in the mail

The contents of the parcel of the inhabitant of the Rostov region turned out to be military products.

The recipient of Canada did not wait for parcels from Russia, since its contents became interested in the Postal officials of the customs post of Pulkovo customs. Mail weighing just over a kilogram have been in place for a mail exchange on “export”.

In the customs Declaration the sender has the contents of the parcel designated as “helmet for extreme sports.” However, in the course of customs inspection it was found the characteristics of complex shapes. The product was helmet khaki with pixel print. On side parts there are mounts for various technical devices.

According to the expert Severo-the Western regional centre of judicial examination of Ministry of justice forwarded the subject, according to the markings, is a combined walking down the street. It is intended for use in complete combat equipment as a means of armor protection of the head soldiers in the conduct of all types of combat. It is used as a means of combat and individual equipment ground, airborne forces, coastal troops of the Navy, in the conduct of all types of fighting, including when landing parachute and landing in the amphibious assault. At the conclusion of the examination the detainee at the customs post, the instance refers to military goods, the repair does not require and is suitable for use.

A helmet developed for the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation is the military products. Available for sale helmet is not supplied.

In accordance with subparagraphs 1 and 2 of paragraph 1 of article 285 of the Customs code of the Eurasian economic Union is not allowed to be sent in international mailings goods forbidden to transfer in accordance with acts of the universal postal Union and goods that are not subject to shipment by international mail.

In this case the citizen through international mail with false Declaration committed the illegal transfer of weapons across the customs border of the Eurasian economic Union. On this fact the Pulkovo customs office opened a criminal case under part 1 of article 226.1 smuggling weapons.

Olga Dyatko,
the press-Secretary of Pulkovo customs