The narcotic substance from Germany amounting to more than 5.8 billion rubles revealed Vnukovo customs

A large consignment of undeclared drugs methadone transiting from Germany to Tajikistan, was discovered in early December, 2019 employees of Vnukovo customs. The cost of such goods on the black market may exceed the 5.8 billion rubles.

Pallet with 2.4 thousand liter polymer bottles with a colorless liquid was unloaded from the plane that arrived from Cologne, at the temporary storage warehouse, where they found the customs. Party methadone has not been previously declared by the carrier.

Found containers were labeled with false information about the contents. So, according to the text of the label, 1 ml of liquid contains 5 mg methadone hydrochloride. According to experts, the concentration of methadone in these liquids exceeds 50%, that is 1 ml of fluid in reality contains more than 500 mg of methadone.

Total calculated dry weight of the residue of drugs is more than 1.2 tons (1235 kg). The cost of 1 gram of the substance on the black market is 4 to 5 thousand rubles. Thus, the total cost of the party would amount to 5.8 billion rubles to 6 billion rubles.

On this fact employees of Vnukovo customs together with employees of head Department on fight against smuggling of the FCS of Russia carried out a complex quickly-investigation actions and urgent investigative actions directed on establishment of persons, involved in Commission of this crime.

6 Dec 2019 Vnukovo customs has opened a criminal case under paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 229.1 of the criminal code – contraband of drugs in especially large size.


Methadone is a narcotic drug included in the List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors subject to control in the Russian Federation, approved by the government Resolution of 30 June 1998 n 681, and related to narcotic drugs, turnover of which is prohibited in the country in accordance with the legislation and international treaties (list I of the Inventory, section drugs).

Methadone can be used in the treatment of drug addiction.