The court confirmed: the cubes not cube

The court confirmed: the cubes not cube

February 27, 2020 the Arbitration court of Rostov region made a decision on the recognition of counterfeit 1056 toys “puzzles of plastics: cube-cube” identified in the course of customs control by officials of the Rostov customs post (the electronic Declaration center).

During customs inspection it was established that the goods in the “puzzle of plastics: cube-cube” in the amount of 1056 PCs may be similar to the bulk a trademark owned by the company RUBIK WITH BRAND LIMITED. This trademark is included in the customs registry of intellectual property of Federal customs service of Russia.

Customs officers it was decided to suspend the issuance of goods and the right holder has been notified in the prescribed manner.

In response, the representative of the owner said that the product is not a product made by the rightholder or with his consent, and has some differences from the original, in particular, a different design and appearance, instead of the brand logo “Rubik’s” imported toys contain uncharacteristic for the original product designation and labeling. In addition, the external features of the imported products are of poor quality.

According to the court, a person convicted of an offence, it imposed the administrative penalty and the infringing goods shall be confiscated.

According to the chief of Department of trade restrictions and export control of the Rostov customs Alexander Raskova, in 2019, officials of the Rostov customs revealed more than 1.7 million units of products with signs of counterfeit.

Anna Polaskova, press Secretary of the Rostov customs