Almost 1,300 studies conducted in 2019 customs experts in Transbaikalia

1298 examinations held in the year 2019 staff of expert research Department (forensic services branch of the Central forensic customs administration of Novosibirsk), located at the checkpoint MAPP Zabaikalsk. The result was collected into the state budget more than 75 million rubles.

Including collected customs duties – 1.4 million rubles, VAT – 11.5 million rubles, penalties – 5.9 million rubles. The confiscated goods worth more than 56.7 million rubles. According to the results of customs examinations made 5 decisions on the classification of goods, instituted 14 criminal cases.

106 research carried out under customs control, 1161 examination of cases on administrative offences, 4 examinations in criminal cases conducted 27 research in the framework of the operational-investigative activities. All were studied more than 41 thousand features.

The staff of the Department carried out examination of food products and agricultural products, exploring the timber, intellectual property, consumer goods (fur products, textile, sewing and knitting, shoes). Conduct identity and merchandising expertise of technically sophisticated goods (automotive equipment, spare parts, appliances, electronic equipment), examination of drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, strong and poisonous substances. Also carried and biological expertise.

The Department is equipped with high-precision analytical equipment, including gas chromatographs to identify alcohol, pharmaceutical products and the qualitative analysis of drugs. The Department is constantly updated with technical facilities, modern instruments and equipment. This allows you to be fully prepared to ensure the implementation identification of the expertise and research of new types of goods, measurements in accordance with the provisions of the standards.


March 1, Russia celebrates the Day of the forensic expert.

Expert and research Department No. 2 of the forensic service, a branch of the Central forensic customs administration of Novosibirsk created in late 2000 and is located on the territory of the MAPP Zabaikalsk. The Department consists of 10 experts, who provide expert support for economic and law enforcement activities of the Chita customs and its posts, located on the territory of Zabaykalsky Krai. Workers of the Department conduct examination and investigations on cases of customs of the Siberian customs Department and outside organizations.


Marina Boyko,

press Secretary Chita customs

tel: (3022) 35-76-12