Smolensk customs urged to submit statistical forms in time

1286 cases of administrative offences filed Smolensk customs for 2019 for non-compliance of submission of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods by members of mutual trade in the framework of the EAEU, the responsibility for which is provided item 19.7.13 KoAP of the Russian Federation.

Compared to the year 2018, the number of prosecutions dropped by 36% due to a more responsible approach of business to the provision of statistical data, outreach work done by the customs office together with the tax authorities and regional media.

– Statistical form of the account is submitted to the customs authority not later than the 8th day of the month following the month in which the goods are shipped from the warehouse or the placement of goods in the warehouse, – said the head of the Department of customs statistics of the Smolensk customs Vladimir Konchokin.

For failure to submit, late submission to customs authorities of statistical forms of the account of movement of goods and for the submission of statistical forms containing inaccurate information, an administrative fine. For 2019, customs imposed penalties on total amount of 6,6 million roubles.

Smolensk customs reminds that the legislation establishes the duty of the Russian person that concluded a transaction under which goods are imported into Russia from the territory of the member States or exported from the Russian Federation on the territory of the member States of the EEU, to present to the customs authority a statistical form of the account of movement of goods. Today it is possible to present as a paper medium or in the form of electronic document certified by electronic signature that has a number of advantages, including significantly speeds up and simplifies the application procedure.

Smolensk customs urged to comply with these requirements. For any questions, you can contact the Department of customs statistics by phone: 8(4812) 20-09-62, 20-88-46.

Vladimir Safonov,
press Secretary of the Smolensk customs