In Yaroslavl has passed the representation of the new chief of the Yaroslavl customs

The Central customs Administration head, Sergey Rybkin has presented to the Governor of the Yaroslavl region Dmitry Mironov, the new head of the Yaroslavl customs the General-the major of customs service Svetlana Stepanova.

At the meeting the sides discussed issues of economic security of the region and provide favourable conditions for entrepreneurship.

Dmitry Mironov said: “the Government is building an efficient system in the sphere of expansion of external trade relations. Today Yaroslavl oblast cooperates with more than hundred countries of the world in the field of trade. The Federal customs service in this area is our main partner. Now there are serious challenges for the development of services based on the introduction of modern technology. This will facilitate the work of the sectors related to exports and imports”.

After a meeting with Governor Sergey Rybkin has held a working meeting with the leadership of the Yaroslavl customs, which was presented to the staff Svetlana Stepanova. Noting the experience of Svetlana Victorovna, Sergey V. gave a high assessment of its professional qualities, a track record which includes the management of such large customs, Sochi and Pskov. Also Sergey Rybkin wished her success in the new location.

In reply Svetlana Stepanova noted that the Yaroslavl customs starts to work in a new status of “customs actual control” and expressed confidence that the team will cope with the implementation of all benchmarks, will provide the decision of tasks of the Federal customs service.

Work in the customs bodies of the Russian Federation began in 1992 as chief accountant, senior inspector Velikoluksky customs.

Prior to the current appointment he held the position of head of the Pskov customs.

Svetlana Stepanova was awarded the state award – the Medal “For merits before Fatherland” II degree and other departmental awards.

Svetlana Stepanova married, has a daughter.

Marina Malorossia,
The chief organizational-analytical Department