Urals Customs Administration

A passenger was detained in Koltsovo with a narcotic substance in a smoking pipe and a batch of sneakers of a famous sports brand

Published: May 21, 2024 08:35

A passenger on a Bangkok-Yekaterinburg flight tried to import a smoking pipe with traces of narcotic drugs into Russia. Customs officers stopped the 27-year-old man in the “green corridor”. While scanning the luggage on the X-ray machine, the inspectors found a smoking device with a removable mouthpiece and a bowl in the suitcase. Upon inspection, it turned out that inside the pipe there was a substance of plant origin with a pungent odor

The customs officers sent all the items for examination. The results of the examination showed that the tube contained an extract containing more than 370 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol. It is included in the list of narcotic drugs, trafficking of which is prohibited in Russia

A resident of Verkhnyaya Salda told inspectors that he was vacationing in Pattaya with a friend. In a bar on the local beach he was having fun with an unfamiliar group of people. The newly made friends had with them a smoking pipe, which was given to the tourist as a souvenir. For what purposes this device is used, the man did not know. But the punishment could not be avoided. The man faces a fine and confiscation

In addition to the souvenir, 19 pairs of sneakers were found in the man’s suitcase. According to him, he bought all the shoes for personal use and planned to wear them in the Urals, and he explained the presence of a full size range by his unwillingness to try them on in the store. However, these arguments did not convince the customs officers, as they were both men’s and women’s shoes of different sizes

It is not difficult to distinguish a commercial shipment from things for personal use: it is obvious that it is impossible for one person to wear both size 40 and size 45 shoes. Such shipments must be processed in accordance with the law and payment of customs duties,” emphasized Sergey Borovik, head of the customs post of Koltsovo Airport (passenger)

Expertise valued the shoe shipment at almost 30 thousand rubles. The man faces a fine of half to twice the value of the shoes. After paying the fine, he will be able to take back the sneakers. But for this he will have to formalize the import and obtain a certificate of conformity

Public Relations Department of the UTU