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Gotta get pumped up: man convicted of smuggling anabolics

Published: May 20, 2024 12:19 pm

A resident of Shadrinsk received a sentence for a parcel of anabolic steroids from Kazakhstan. To avoid responsibility, the sender disguised 100 tablets with a potent substance as “chocolate bars with protein”. Tyumen customs officers detained the recipient of the parcel on the way out of the post office

 As it turned out in the course of the investigation, a 21-year-old man engaged in weightlifting read on the Internet about the anabolic steroid metandienone. Its use helps to increase muscle mass and reduce fat deposits. This drug is also included in the list of potent substances, which are restricted in civil circulation and prohibited for shipment in international mail

The athlete found the seller of the anabolic in Kazakhstan. He warned in advance that he had recently sent “pharma” to another buyer, who was detained by law enforcement agencies. At the same time, he assured the new client that this time he would be more careful and carefully disguise the banned goods: he would wrap the pills in foil and indicate in the description that he was sending chocolate

Tyumen customs officers initiated criminal proceedings against a man who ordered “protein chocolate bars” with methandienone under paragraph “c” of part 2 of article 226.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. The court found Shadrinets guilty of smuggling of potent substances on a large scale and sentenced him to 1 year 6 months of correctional labor with deduction of wages to the state income 15%

Maria Zakirova, press secretary of Tyumen customs