Southern Customs Administration

The illegal importation of about 1000 packs of cigarettes into Russiahas been stopped.

Officers of the Adler customs post of the Krasnodar customs office together with border guards continue to suppress attempts to illegally import tobacco products from the Republic of Abkhazia

In the course of customs and border control of vehicles was stopped Citroen C4 car, which arrived from the Republic of Abkhazia. According to the results of inspection of the car with the use of mobile inspection and examination complex (MIDC), dark zones, uncharacteristic for the car’s construction, were revealed.

“During customs and border control of vehicles, the Citroen C4 car was stopped

“During the customs inspection in the cavities of the left and right sills of the vehicle was found tobacco products hidden from customs control,” explained the head of the customs post MAPP Adler Krasnodar customs Alexei Bykov. – 490 packs (9800 pieces) of cigarettes of “BUSINESS ROYALS” brand were hidden in the car

When asked about the hidden goods, the driver said he didn’t know anything about the stash in his car and was “seeing the cigarettes for the first time.”

The driver said he was not aware of the stash in his car

A day earlier, another Ford Focus car, which had arrived from Abkhazia, was detained. During the inspection of the car with the use of MIDC, during further inspection customs officers found stashes of cigarettes in the front arches of the wheels. 480 packs (9,600 pieces) of “BUSINESS ROYALS” cigarettes were hidden under the plastic sheeting in special hatches

The driver did not file a passenger customs declaration. According to him, knowing that it is forbidden to import such a quantity of cigarettes into Russia without registration, he decided to hide the cigarettes from customs control

The tobacco products and cars were seized, 4 cases on administrative offenses were initiated under part 2 of article 16.1 and article 16.3 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation

Since the beginning of 2024 on the facts of illegal movement of tobacco products across the Russian-Abkhazian border 102 cases on administrative offenses were initiated, more than 130 thousand cigarettes were seized

Marina Zhupanova,

spokeswoman for the Sochi service of Krasnodar Customs

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