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Krasnodar customs: mimosa shipments grow

Published: February 21, 2024 16:01

The mimosa season is gaining momentum at the Adler customs post of Krasnodar Customs. To date, about 27 tons of mimosa (Acacia silvery) have passed customs control. About 5 tons of flowers are imported per day. Due to warm weather, the flower season this year, as well as last year, began earlier than usual – in the first days of February

Mimosa shipments are expected from late February through the first few days of March. Mimosa is being shipped to the central and other regions of the country. The fragile floral cargo is transported in airtight packages, while maintaining a certain temperature

High-tech customs control tools make it possible to conduct the necessary customs operations without unloading shipments, as quickly and efficiently as possible

In 2023, 200 tons of “golden” bouquets were imported from Abkhazia. This year, with favorable weather conditions, the harvest is expected to be at the level of last year’s figures.  

Marina Zhupanova,

Spokeswoman for the Sochi service of Krasnodar Customs

Marina Zhupanova,

tel. (862) 269-32-78,