Central Customs Administration

Specialists-cynologists of Smolensk Customs and the Federal Security Service of Russia for the Smolensk region held a training session on the search for controlled substances with the participation of representatives of the mass media

Customs and border guards told the invited journalists about their activities and the results of their work. Correspondents and cameramen of TV companies got acquainted with the service of canine specialists, who showed the work of dogs to search for explosives and imitators of narcotic substances on transport and in accompanied luggage, as well as the work of dogs in obedience

At the joint event, which was held at the Smolensk Customs canine unit, training exercises were practiced, and canines from the two agencies exchanged experience between canine specialists and heads of canine units

“Smolensk customs officers in 2023 involved service dogs and cynologists in 354 operational-search activities and 76 times in the implementation of customs control. A total of 7762 units of luggage, 2641 international mail, 2270 units of passenger cars and 567 units of trucks, 2265 units of cargo and 347 buses were examined. 11 successful cases of using service dogs were recorded, more than 350 grams of narcotic drugs, 51 grams of psychotropic substances, 45 tablets of potent substances, as well as 976 blocks of cigarettes were detected and seized from illegal circulation”, – said the head of the cynology department of Smolensk customs Roman Nikiforenkov

In 2023, the cynologists of Smolensk customs with their assistants were involved in joint activities 12 times, including in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Smolensk region, as well as the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. 20 units of cargo and 11 units of passenger transport, 35 units of luggage, 16 premises and 6 areas of terrain, as well as 4 railroad cars were inspected

The Smolensk Customs Service has seven canine units with trained service dogs, which are practicing service tasks on the territory of Smolensk and Tver regions. The teams include German shepherds and Labradors, as well as a cocker spaniel

Vitaly Shabanov, spokesman for Smolensk customs

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