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Siberian jam shipments abroad have grown by 40%

Published: March 15, 2024 09:38

Siberian companies exported 1,143 tons of jams and jams in 2023, up 38% from 2022.

The main buyers of Siberian sweets were Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. In total, the goods were exported to 21 countries, with the first deliveries to the United Arab Emirates (fruit confitures) and Tajikistan (fruit pastilles and marmalade)

Fruit confitures, jaggery and fruit and berry fillers were mainly exported to Kazakhstan, jaggery to Mongolia and jam to China. Interestingly, supplies of not only berry jam but also pine cone jam are increasing

Businessmen from the Novosibirsk Region (353 tons), Tomsk Region (346.5 tons), Omsk Region (212.8 tons) and Altai Territory (189.2 tons) shipped the most jams and jams abroad last year

“Both in Russia and abroad, the demand for natural quality products made of Siberian berries is increasing,” said Dmitry Kolykhanov, deputy head of the Siberian Customs Administration. – This affects the development of local enterprises and the growth of production, much of which is not accidentally labeled with the prefix “eco” – as safe for nature and consumers. Therefore, it will not be surprising if Siberian jam will be served with pancakes on Pancake Day, which is celebrated in many countries of the world

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