Saratov customs electronic transit Declaration without errors

Currently there is an active implementation of measures related to the implementation of the technology of automatic registration of transit declarations filed in electronic form (ETD) and provided with an opportunity of automatic registration of ETD in all Russian customs authorities with competence in the performance of customs operations involving the placement of goods under the customs procedure of customs transit, regardless of mode of transport.

Successful completion of automatic registration of electronic transit declarations is one of the conditions of automated production of electronic transit declarations.

Technology for automatic registration of electronic transit declarations allows to ensure transparent process of Declaration and also to create the conditions to accelerate the release of goods through automation of routine activities, committed by officials of customs authorities.

For the check ETD declarant to ensure the completeness, correctness and identity information asserted to ETD, and in formal documents submitted with ETD. The main errors that can serve as a hindrance to automatic registration of ETD include: – placement of the documents specified in column 44 of ETD in the electronic archive of the declarant (AADD) and the failure in the ETD document identifier in EADD, failure to comply with the procedure for filling the transit Declaration approved by Decision of Customs Union Commission of 18 June 2010 № 289 in particular, incorrect indication in graphs 6 and 31 ETD information about the number/type of packages, including for the carriage of goods by nasyp, bulk, bulk, or incorrect entry of information on means of transport (box 18 ETD) and the failure information about the code of the currency (columns 22 and 42 ETD), the use of when completing that are out of date reference books of normative-reference information (for example, the classifier of countries of the world), an indication 44 and 50 graphs of ETD documents, the validity of which has expired at the time of filing, etc., the failure (incorrect application) in ETD against Russian entities (sender, recipient, carrier, declarant (principal)) information about the details of a person (INN, KPP, OGRN) or failure to complete one of them and incomplete (incorrect) the introduction of ETD information about the details (INN, KPP, OGRN) of the customs representative.

We draw the attention of the participants of foreign trade activities, e-transit Declaration with the code of measures ensuring customs transit “05” customs escort, or “09” the establishment of a route of transportation of goods does not pass validation criteria for compliance with auto-enrollment.

 Anatoly Poluboyarov,
the press Secretary of the Saratov customs