On the measures taken by the FTS of Russia in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection

On the measures taken by the FTS of Russia in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection

The FCS of Russia adopted a number of measures in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection.

To coordinate the activities of customs authorities created by the operational headquarters for the adoption of preventive and precautionary measures in connection with threat of the spread of a new coronavirus infection. The operational headquarters are created in regional customs offices.

Officials of customs authorities are recommended to refrain from traveling to countries with a poor situation associated with the spread of coronavirus infection: as a result, completely cancelled all foreign trips and minimized the number of trips across Russia.

The heads of customs authorities and institutions should limit the number of ongoing events, including business, sports, culture and entertainment. Seminars and meetings with the customs authorities are conducted via videoconference, with the exception of critical.

Officers in contact with individuals at checkpoints, in the compulsory use of protective masks, gloves, disinfectant solutions. The provision of remedies.

Worked through interdepartmental cooperation: in February-March 2020, customs officers participated in a number of special tactical exercises on the prevention of penetration and spread of dangerous viral infections. Events are held in different regions of Russia together with Rospotrebnadzor and other Federal agencies.

Medical institutions of the FCS of Russia transferred to the special anti-epidemic regime. The interaction of doctors and visitors only occurs with the use of protective masks. Officials of the Central office at the entrance to the territory of the Russian FCS measure the temperature with a remote thermometer. Employees with fever and respiratory symptoms be examined by the doctor of the FCS of Russia. Offers a separate entrance for such visitors.

Students of the Russian customs Academy from 18 March 2020 are translated into distance learning.