Smolensky CED prepares a Declaration in minutes

More than 26 thousand of customs declarations (DT) has issued Smolensk customs post (the electronic Declaration center) Smolensk customs for 2 months in 2020, which is 6% higher than the same period last year.

– There is an increase in automatically registered, or automatically released declarations, – said the head of customs Vladislav Easy. – Average time of automatic registration of one DT is an average of one to two minutes, autopause – two or three minutes.

Two months of the current year automatically share the registered Declaration of imported goods has increased almost twice – from 39.9% to 72.2%, and the exported – from 78.3 per cent to 93.3% .

The share is automatically issued an electronic Declaration of imported goods, submitted by the traders low-risk, was 62% and for export of 79.6%. Over the same period last year of 32.7% and 66.8 %, respectively.

It should be noted that the Federal customs service carried out large-scale reform of the customs bodies to create a unified network of e-customs and the centers for the electronic Declaration. Until the end of 2020 across Russia envisages the creation of eight electronic customs and 16 geographically distributed Centers of electronic Declaration (8 dedicated and 8 as part of the regional e-customs).

As a result of these transformations is leveled practice is provided by the uniformity of customs operations, reduced the time of the release of goods, leading to improvement of quality of customs administration and further reduce the time of customs clearance, will create all conditions for convenient work of a conscientious and law-abiding traders.

Significant is the fact that there is a separation of the actual control of the goods and their customs clearance, which is carried out in remote format without any personal contact the issuing inspector and the declarant, thereby reducing risks of corruption in the customs authorities.

In the Central customs Directorate Central electronic customs created 20 Feb 2020. During the phasing of its formation will continue to establish a Central center for electronic Declaration and translation customs of the region in the format of the customs actual control. This process should be completed in October.