Mineralovodsky customs: 31 guard economic borders

16 Jun 2020 Mineralovodsky customs celebrates his 31st birthday. On this day in 1989 Mineralovodsky customs post Sochi customs was transformed into an independent customs authority. After numerous structural changes, custom has become one of the most important elements of the customs system of the country.

In 2007, in 2010 was composed of several previously independent Republican customs. As a result, the region of the customs authority had seized the territories of five subjects of the Russian Federation, Stavropol territory, Karachay-Cherkess and Kabardino-Balkar Republics, the Republic of Ingushetia and the Chechen Republic. With the formation of the North Caucasus Federal district on the basis of Mineralovodsky customs, it was created North Caucasus customs Directorate, and later, in 2018, and the North Caucasus e-customs.

Today in Mineralovodsky customs daily serve 503 people – employees, civil servants, public sector workers. A large part of the personnel has higher, including legal and economic education. For the successful fulfillment of tasks on ensuring the state customs control and suppression of attempts of illegal import and export of cultural objects, values, foreign exchange, drugs for success in the service of dozens of Mineralovodsky customs officers encouraged the leadership of the higher customs authorities.

Among the challenges facing the group, along with the completion of the Federal budget – as important as economic security in the sphere of foreign economic activity of the state, raising the level of customs administration, combating smuggling and violations of customs legislation, development of external economic relations of the region and the country, creation of favorable investment climate in the North Caucasus region.

“Mineralovodsky customs is a large, close-knit team of professionals, like-minded, faithfully serving the Fatherland, deciding on a high professional level complex issues of customs administration. On this festive day I wish all the staff good health, dreams, success in the performance of duty, a firm confidence in the future and multiply the glorious traditions of the customs service!” addressed the staff of the chief of customs Alexey Breusov.

Julia Kutaka,
a press-the Secretary of Mineralovodsky customs