Mimosa from Abkhazia, on March 8

Mimosa from Abkhazia, on March 8

The Sochi customs officers make a day to 20 tons of flowers.

Last weekend in eve of March 8 from Abkhazia to Russia has started to import the largest quantities of Mimosas. So, on Sunday only one customs Declaration was effected the release of more than 12 tons of colors. Just today in Russia from the Republic of Abkhazia imported about 100 tons of gold bouquets.

A day of the Sochi customs officers make 15 to 20 tons of flower cargo.

Acacia silver, this is the correct name of this delicate and beautiful flower, like to the holiday in all regions of the country. Mimosa is transported as commercial parties, and small bouquets for personal purposes. The main supply of Mimosas will be made before the end of this week.

To reduce the processing time, expedite the passage of customs procedures in respect of commercial consignments of goods apply the simplified Declaration procedure. This year it is planned to issue more than 130 tons of gold bouquets. In the past year from Abkhazia were imported 150 tons of Mimosa.

Checking the observance of the customs legislation on the import into Russia of floral products, the Sochi customs officials suppress the facts of the offenses. This year on the facts of illegal movement of floral products across the customs border of the EAEU of the Sochi customs office opened 8 cases of administrative offenses under article 16.3 of the administrative code of Russia (violation of the established interdictions and (or) restrictions). Foiled smuggling more than 1 ton of flower production (last year was initiated 7 cases of administrative offenses, to stop the illegal importation of 684 kg of Mimosa).

Marina Zhupanova, press Secretary of the Sochi customs