In Vladikavkaz destroyed 700 kg of apples


In Vladikavkaz destroyed 700 kg of sanctions apples

December 26 in the course of verification activities by the officials of the North Ossetian customs was conducted inspection of the vehicle cargo compartment which, at first glance, was filled with empty cardboard boxes, but the boxes revealed the presence of the goods – apples, fresh, with a total weight of 700 kg, the country of origin which according to the labeling is Poland.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 07.08.2014 No. 778 on imports of Polish fruit and vegetable products to Russia banned. In this regard, the products were immediately destroyed by the customs officers at the domestic waste landfill.

The fact of the offence prosecuted on AP under article 10.3.

Diana Haewa,
press Secretary of the North Ossetian customs