In the parcel from Kazakhstan was potent substances

In the parcel from Kazakhstan was potent substances

Employees of Tatarstan customs in the course of operative-investigative activities detained 36-the summer inhabitant of Kazan. The detention occurred at the exit from the office premises of the collection point transportation company, where he received an international shipment.

Inside the parcel, which came on his name from the Republic of Kazakhstan, there were twelve glass vials, hermetically sealed with polymeric caps are blue in color and packaged in cardboard boxes. Ten vials was white substance, in the other two – a transparent liquid of light yellow color.

According to the expert opinion of the expert center of the Ministry of a substance in two vials of liquid contain in their composition potent substance Methenolone enanthate – an ester of solenogastres substances “Methenolone”. The total mass of these substances amounted to 20 grams.

“Methenolone” related to active ingredients in accordance with the Lists of potent and toxic substances for the purposes of article 234 and other articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation.

The man explained that he ordered the data the medical drugs without having a prescription and the physician at their appointment.

For the illegal movement across the state border of the Russian Federation with member States of the EAEU potent substances concerning this citizen criminal case, the responsibility for which is stipulated part 1 of article 226.1 of the criminal code.

Currently, employees of Tatarstan customs held urgent investigative actions.

Valentine Skorlygina,
the press Secretary of Tatarstan customs