February 1, 2020, changes the form and order of filling in passenger customs Declaration

February 1 2020 will apply to the new form of the passenger customs Declaration will not change the list of information that it needs to be pointed to. The new form of the passenger customs Declaration and the procedure for its completion posted on the website of Mineralovodsky customs, as well as at the international airports of Mineral Waters, Stavropol, Grozny and Nalchik. The form can pre-populate and sing (on one sheet of A4 or A5 both sides), or fill out directly at the airport. The document must be compiled in two copies and transmit to customs officers when departing abroad. Note that a mandatory written Declaration shall be subject only to the products referred to in article 260 of the Customs of the Eurasian economic Union.

“From February 4, 2020 will be required to provide documents confirming the origin of funds. We are talking about one-time moving one person through the customs border of the EAEU of currency in excess of $ 100 thousand US dollars”, – said the first Deputy chief of Mineralovodsky customs Magomed madev.

As documents confirming the information about the origin of the funds and instruments stated in the passenger customs Declaration can be used:

– documents issued by credit institutions when making FX transactions, withdrawing funds from the account the loan;

– the documents confirming the conclusion of legal transactions (inheritance, gift, etc.).

Failure to file such documents simultaneously with the passenger customs Declaration the movement across the customs border of the EAEU of cash is prohibited.

Amount subject to mandatory Declaration, remains the same — more than 10 thousand U.S. dollars. To pay customs duties and taxes are not required. It is worth remembering that the Declaration provides for administrative and even criminal liability.

Julia Kutaka,
a press-the Secretary of Mineralovodsky customs