Far Eastern Customs Administration

Three attempts to illegally import fish into Russia from Mongolia have been stopped since the beginning of March by officers of the customs post located at the DAPP Mondy automobile checkpoint in the region of Buryat Customs.

32 kg of grayling and 7.5 kg of burbot, frozen and fresh, were transported by Russian citizens vacationing in Mongolia on Lake Khubsugul. The Russians were aware of the prohibitions and restrictions on the movement of this category of goods, so they tried to hide the catch from customs control

The tourists tried to import a total of 154 grayling and 3 burbot. Buryat customs officers found the bags with fish in the spare tire of the car, in the niche of the tourist table,  in the luggage compartment, in the back of the pickup truck under the double bottom.

The fish found in the caches were seized and destroyed. Citizens who committed administrative offenses by concealing goods from customs control (part 2 of article 16.1 of the CAO RF), face confiscation of goods. In addition, for failure to comply with prohibitions and restrictions (Art. 16.3 of the CAO RF) in the movement of goods, violators will be held liable in the form of an administrative fine

According to Dorzho Shozhoev, acting head of the customs post of DAPP Mondy, importing fish during the period of ice fishing is one of the most common offenses among Russian tourists. As a rule, this period is February-April. Since the beginning of the Khubsugul ice fishing, four attempts to bring fish into Russia using caches have been stopped

Physical persons for personal use can import up to 5 kg of products of animal origin in factory packaging, but only if the country of import is epizootically safe. Due to the complicated epizootic situation in the territory of Mongolia since 2017, temporary restrictions have been introduced on the importation of products of animal origin to Russia. the restrictions have not been lifted to date

Evgenia Kurbatova,

Buryat customs spokeswoman,

Buryat customs spokeswoman

Kurbatovaeg@dvtu.customs.gov.ru, 8 (3012) 289 078