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Ussuriysk customs officers found undeclared iPhones and game consoles in the possession of a foreign guest

Published: March 26, 2024 02:40

10 undeclared phones labeled “IPHONE” and 3 game consoles “SONY were found by customs officers at the IACP Kraskino from a foreigner.

The PRC citizen reported during customs control when entering Russia that he was not importing goods subject to declaration. However, when customs officers searched his luggage with the help of an X-ray machine, they found 10 IPhone phones and three Sony game consoles

Andrei Selemenev, the head of the customs post of IACP Kraskino of Ussuriysk customs, said that during oral questioning the man said that he was taking the phones to a friend after repairing them, and the game consoles were being transported for a cash reward. Thus, these goods are not intended for personal use, are subject to mandatory written declaration and are subject to customs duty

The goods were detained. According to the results of expert examination, the value of the goods amounted to about 640 thousand rubles

Ussuriyskaya Customs initiated a case of administrative offense against the offender, the responsibility for which is provided by Part 1 of Article 16.2 of the CAO RF (non-declaration of goods in the prescribed form). The citizen faces a fine of up to twice the value of the goods, with or without confiscation.

Citizen is facing a fine of up to twice the value of the goods

Irina Kulchitskaya,

                                                         press-secretary of Ussuriyskaya  customs


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