ATV illegally exported from the SEZ, seized Magadan customs

ATV illegally exported from the SEZ, seized Magadan customs

ATV company “HONDA FOREMAN” were seized on the border of the Special economic zone (SEZ) in the Magadan customs. The machinery was imported into Russia from the United States in the preferential mode, without payment of customs duties, but with the ban on the export outside the SEZ without changing customs procedures.

The ATV was transported in a truck Ural. The owner explained that he had purchased the ATV for personal use and wanted to get him in the village chaibukha the Magadan region. The owner of the vehicle before export outside the SEZ did not check his status in the customs, as confided to the words of the seller that limits the use of this technology.

Magadan customs seized the ATV and filed against its owner the case of an administrative offense under part 1 of article 16.2 of the administrative code of Ukraine (failure to declare). The article provides for the imposition of a fine ranging from ½ to two times the value of the object of the offence and possible confiscation.


The passport self-propelled machines do not stamp on the existence of restrictions on the road (unlike trucks and cars). To obtain reliable information about the vehicle can only

at the customs post Sea port of Magadan Magadan customs (the city of Magadan, Magadan administrative building sea port, 5 floor, tel. 692-130).

Olenitsa Tatiana,

the press service of the Magadan customs,