Vladimir custom: in the first place – the Declaration on the commodities

April 20, Vladimir custom celebrates his 28th birthday. Over the years, transformed the structure, developed technology, have automated processes, but remained unchanged objectives: to promote the growth of trade, the economic security of the country, replenishment of the Federal budget.

— Today the work is very tense, — says the head of the Vladimirskiy customs Pavel Pavlov. — Despite the pandemic, the movement of goods does not stop. And we understand how important it is to this “circulatory system” of the economy continued to function. The day is logged in an average of 300 goods declarations. Increasingly used autoregistration and autobypass products with the help of computer programs that allows to reduce time for customs formalities to a few minutes. But customs inspectors work to do: only for the first three months of the year in the custom register of the Declaration of imported and exported goods 48 thousand items.

Currently, the maximum assistance provided when the import of certain decrees of the Russian government the list of goods: it’s food (canned goods, flour, pasta, oil, and more), commodities, including imported for warning and preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection (masks, antiseptics, hygiene, etc.). Most zeroed import customs duties, including goods of critical import: vegetables, cereals, baby food, medicines, etc. Controlled by a temporary ban on the export from the Russian Federation of commodities, such as respirators, protective suits, disinfectants, antiviral agents, medical gloves, etc.

Continue the delivery of goods in the framework of previously concluded contracts for different sectors of the economy. In the first quarter of 2020 in the Vladimir region imported spare parts for railway locomotives, raw materials for chemical and glass industry, food products: finished confectionery products processed vegetables, prepared grain products, various oils, nuts. This is the usual nomenclature of goods imported for production activities of the key enterprises of the region. Only imported 73 different groups of goods – from textiles and cleaning products to tools and pottery. Actively exported meat products, equipment for oil industry, articles of paper or paperboard, textile products for technical purposes. In General, exported goods for 83 commodity groups, including rail equipment, confectionery, plastics, glass, woodworking products, chocolate and others.

Vladimir customs this year will be serious structural changes, — says the head of customs Pavel Pavlov. — In October there will be the reorganization of the Yaroslavl customs by its accession to Vladimir. In Board of customs will include six customs posts. And this is new for us enterprises – participants of foreign economic activity, other product line, the organization of interaction within the team.

In addition, in 2020, implemented an ambitious project to create a network of e-customs and the centers of electronic Declaration, which will be submitted to all of the goods Declaration. This will allow you to make the Declaration without reference to the region of the buyer and the location of the goods, and will contribute to the acceleration of foreign trade, the traffic of large cities. The planned change of status of the Vladimirskiy customs: customs posts will be conducted only customs operations that require direct contact with the goods.

Natalia Odintsova,

press Secretary of the Vladimirskiy customs