Urals Customs Administration

Buying breeding animals, selling birds: Urals customs officers have cleared $4 million worth of “live” cargo

Published: March 13, 2024 10:10 AM

In 2023, Ural Electronic Customs issued declarations for “live” cargo totaling more than $4 million. Most often, Urals entrepreneurs bought pigs, bulls and female heifers abroad. The latter turned out to be the most expensive and heavy – their cost was more than 2 million dollars, weight – 411 tons. Also, more than 36 tons of bees of Carpathian breed came from Uzbekistan for 20 thousand dollars

There were 23 falcons exported from the Urals to the UAE, the total weight of which amounted to 34 kilograms, and the cost – almost 8 thousand dollars. In addition, a 40-kilogram dog went to Israel for 413 dollars.

An export from the Urals to the United Arab Emirates

Opening declarations for “live” cargo at Ural Electronic Customs is a priority. We understand that a long road and not always comfortable transportation conditions affect animals. That is why our task is qualitative and prompt control. I would like to note that regardless of the type of goods, more than 90% of goods declarations in the Ural Electronic Customs Office are released within 4 hours,” said Sergey Epifanov, Head of the Ural Electronic Customs Office

Ural Customs Public Relations Department