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At Koltsovo airport, inspectors stopped a passenger with 2 suitcases of perfume

Published: March 4, 2024 10:11 AM

Koltsovsky customs officers stopped a 41-year-old passenger on a Dubai-Yekaterinburg flight in the “green corridor” who was carrying 38 kilograms of perfume. The inspectors counted 526 items in two suitcases: bottles of perfume, aroma oils and candles, gift boxes  with kits, testers.

At the time, the inspectors found a lot of perfumes in her suitcase

According to the Ekaterinburg woman, she brought some of the fragrant products as gifts for her parents, niece and acquaintances. The rest she brought for herself, so that she could start producing perfume. She works as an individual entrepreneur and owns her own perfume brand in the UAE. According to the passenger, the value of the luggage is 100 thousand rubles. She is not familiar with customs rules and did not know that she had to declare

In the guise of goods for personal use, commercial batches are transported across the border, for example, the same products are periodically moved by the same person, or goods are imported in large quantities, different sizes, models, marked with labels and price tags, or transportation is carried out by an individual entrepreneur. In such cases, as in the case of 38 kilograms of perfume, customs officers seize the goods and send them for examination, and an administrative investigation is underway,” said Sergei Borovik, head of the customs post at Koltsovo Airport (passenger)

To avoid problems with the law, customs officials advise to declare imported goods, pay duties and VAT

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