The turnover of the SFO with our partners from the EEU countries exceeded 1 billion U.S. dollars

In January-may 2020 the trade turnover in the Siberian Federal district with the EAEU countries in comparison with the previous year decreased by 4.7% and amounted to 1 billion 35 million dollars.

For 5 months of 2020 the largest value in mutual trade of the SFO with our partners from the EEU countries came to Kazakhstan – more than 74 %. From Kazakhstan to the Russian Federation imported mainly mineral fuels (coal, gas, oil), cement, rolled iron/non-alloy steel, polymers, vegetable, meat, and exported coke and semi-coke of coal, semi-finished products of iron/non-alloy steel, agricultural machines, bread and bakery products.

The second place on volume of trade with the Siberian region among the countries of the EEU occupied Belarus – 16.5% in comparison with last year this indicator decreased by 30%. Belarus imported mainly dairy products, cheese and curd, agricultural equipment, ferrous metals and products made of them, and exported tyres, pneumatic, motors and generators, transformers, engine parts, copper and copper alloys, bread and bakery products.

In January-may 2020 recorded a significant growth of trade turnover SFO with Kyrgyzstan – by 36.7 %. It accounted for 7.4% of the total trade of the SFO with our partners from the EEU countries. Imported vegetables, fruits, dairy products, fish, glass in sheets export of bars and rods of iron/non-alloy steel, wheat, timber, processed bread and bakery products.

2.4 times increase in the volume of trade between Siberia and Armenia, in the structure of trade SFD systems at a fraction of the country accounted for almost 2 %. From Armenia to Siberia and imported vegetables, fruits and other foods, as well as syringes, exported finished products from cereals, cocoa and derivatives thereof, parts of airplanes and helicopters, winches, jacks and other lifting gear, test rigs.

STU drew the participants ‘ attention on mutual trade between the member countries of the EAEU on the necessity of submission to customs authorities of statistical forms of reporting. Please note that from 24 July 2020 comes into effect the Decree of the RF Government dated 19.06.2020 No. 891, according to which the statistical form shall be provided to the customs authorities only in the form of an electronic document signed with an enhanced qualified electronic signature via personal Cabinet of the participant of foreign trade activities on the website of the FCS of Russia. The submission of statistical forms on paper are no longer provided.

Violations of the procedure for the provision of statistical forms by the customs authorities of STU in January-may 2020 initiated more than 2.4 thousand administrative cases, which is 20 % less than 2019. The total amount of fines amounted to over 4.7 million.

Department of public relations of STU