The Krasnodar customs officers have stopped attempt of illegal movement across the border party jewelry

When carrying out selective customs control of goods transported in the accompanied baggage of passengers arriving by international flight from Istanbul, officials of the customs post of the Krasnodar Airport has revealed the fact of not declaring the goods.

Arrived the flight, the citizen of Russia chose the “green corridor”, thus indicating that in the accompanied baggage no goods subject to written Declaration. However, in the handbag the woman was moved 169 jewelry 10 items with a total weight of 472,18 gr.

The woman explained that he had purchased the goods in the shop Istanbul and imports for gift to relatives on wedding. According to the passenger, the cost of the goods amounted to 19 000 US dollars, however, receipts were missing.

– At passage of customs control woman did not fill out passenger customs Declaration and any information about floating it across the customs border of the goods the customs authority is not stated, – said the head of the Airport customs post of the Krasnodar Paul Basmanov.

However, the number, nature and consumer properties of the goods found at the passenger, giving rise to the conclusion that the exported goods are not for personal use and imported with the purpose of use in commercial activities.

With the aim of establishing the authenticity of the materials from which jewelry is made, and their cost and timely decision-making about initiation of proceedings about an administrative offence, consignment was sent to the FORMER branch of CACTU Rostov-on-don.

Investigation, undeclared goods seized.

Tatiana Burmistrova, the press Secretary of the Krasnodar customs