Murmansk customs: accident found a violation of the customs legislation

Passenger car “Volvo” has got in dorozhno-transport incident in the territory of Murmansk region. During the police verification activities, it was identified that the machine is not run by the owner, and in the Murmansk customs were referred, indicating the presence of violations of the customs legislation.

Customs inspection revealed that this car just before the accident was imported into the territory of the Eurasian economic Union others resident in the town of Kirkenes, under the procedure of temporary importation.

Under the Customs code of the EAEU temporarily imported vehicles for personal use must be located on the customs territory of the EAEU in the actual possession and use of the declarant, the owner of the vehicle.

The transfer by the declarant to the owner of the temporarily imported vehicle without the permission of the customs authority allowed the use of close relatives (parents, children, spouse (wife), consisting (consisting) in a registered marriage).

In other cases, the transfer of temporarily imported vehicles for personal use is permitted only after the implementation of their customs declaring and payment of required customs duties.

In the course of verification activities, the customs inspectors established that the owner got in an accident the car “Volvo” has not taken action to obtain the permission of the customs authority on the transfer of temporarily imported the vehicle to others without customs Declaration. Thus, the declarant, there was no basis for the right transfer or other disposal of temporarily imported means of transport to them.

On this fact the Murmansk customs office opened a case on an administrative offence, the vehicle is seized, the owner in addition to fines have to pay customs fees. In accordance with article 264 of the Customs code of the EAEU second side, where the car was illegally transferred for use will be jointly and severally liable for the payment of customs duties.

Alla Sveshnikov,
the press service of the Murmansk customs