Tatarstan customs: call center continues its work

Tatarstan customs: call center continues its work

In Tatarstan customs continues to work the call center, the primary task of which is to ensure the operational issues associated with the Commission of customs operations in respect of goods of the first necessity, food and medical supplies.

During operation, the centre received several complaints from participants of foreign trade activities. They are related to the features of the import of medical equipment and products, including medical masks, as well as grain exports. Online officers of the legal Department consulted representatives of business, providing comprehensive information.

Also Tatarstan customs she provided legal support of customs operations of a shipment of medical masks and equipment, arrived in the Tatarstan Republic of China. A customs Declaration made Volga electronic customs.

Call centre continues to work.

Remember contact numbers: (843) 291-54-50, (843) 291-93-95.

Mode of operation:

Monday-Thursday – 8.00-17.00,

Friday – 8.00 – 15.45.

Valentine Skorlygina,
the press Secretary of Tatarstan customs