Southern Customs Administration

Rostov customs officers revealed more than 7 thousand goods with signs of violation of the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation

Published: March 12, 2024 09:43

Officers of the department of control over importation and turnover of goods of the customs control service after release of goods of Rostov Customs conducted a customs inspection of the premises and territories of a store in Rostov-on-Don in order to stop violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation

The inspection revealed more than 7,000 foreign-made items of low quality with signs of counterfeiting, with applied logos of a well-known brand: cases for phones and tablets, card holders, chargers and USB cables, headphones. Documents confirming the safety and originality of the goods (certificates (declarations) of conformity and other documents of title), as well as any shipping documents for the goods sold during the customs inspection of premises and territories of the entrepreneur was not presented

The goods have been seized and verification measures are being carried out.

Anna Pomazkova

Rostov Customs

Press Secretary

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